5 Effective Ways to Teach Your Child Presentation Skills

5 Effective Ways to Teach Your Child Presentation Skills

Having to speak in front of an audience scares most people, but if your child learns this crucial skill in their childhood you will help them to avoid being ever anxious about speaking in public. Children approach things often in a fearless way. Thus, the sooner you start teaching your child public speaking skills the better. Speaking in front of people – taught at an early age – might help them to become great communicators and leaders one day. A skill and asset that they will keep for the rest of their life.

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There are multiple benefits of teaching your child how to speak in front of other people:

* it helps to build their communication skills and confidence
* they learn how to capture the audience’s attention
* they learn to develop charisma
* they learn to write their own speech
* they discover their own potential

Five ideas how you can teach your child great presentation skills:

1.) Be a Role Model and lead by example.
I remember the first video that I recorded and uploaded on YouTube. My 3 1/2 year old daughter was observing me and loved watching it. She is usually quite a shy girl, but she was so inspired from it that she started imitating me and recorded herself by repeating what I was saying. Apart from being already very tech-savvy with an Apple Computer, she loves looking at her own video and since then became generally more confident. If you have a computer with a web cam show your child how to record videos. It’s a lot of fun and they surely love watching themselves. Give them constructive feedback and help them to improve to become really great in it. By watching themselves they will realize how they come across to other people. It’s a great way to learn and improve. Learning by practicing is often the most effective way of acquiring a new skill.

2.) Show them (good and poor) videos of presentations online.
Look on Youtube and other video sharing websites for speeches and presentations. Find some good and some poor examples. Watching poor presentations might teach your child more than watching a good speech. Sit together with your child and discuss: Was it a good or a poor presentation? Why was it good? Why was it poor? What could they (or you) personally apply to my own presentation in the future?

3.) Provide any opportunity to hold speeches in your private circle.
Whenever there is an important event, such as a wedding celebration, an anniversary party, a friend or relative’s birthday, etc. allow your child to speak. The more exposure your child gets to bigger groups the better. Your child will gain a powerful advantage and as adult they will lose their fear of public speaking.

4.) Encourage your child to take on a leadership role at school. If debates or discussions are taking place encourage your child to take the lead and use any given opportunity to practice. Initially it might be difficult for your child to put him/herself outside his/her comfort zone. But getting more involved in school and/or extracurricular activities might turn into an invaluable experience which adds to your child’s learning and skill development.

5.) Let your child join a group in which “Presentation Skills for Kids” are offered such as:

a) Toastmasters: (USA) There is a eight-week program called “Youth Leadership program” in which kids get lots of opportunities to learn how to give powerful presentations, conquer their fears, express their ideas and succeed. For more info check out their website at: http://www.toastmasters.org/Members/MemberExperience/SatellitePrograms/YouthLeadership.asp

b) Fastrackids: (www.fastrackids.com) (USA, India, Germany, Brazil, Russia etc.) Kids get the chance to hold presentations by being recorded, which then will be shown to their parents. You can watch one of their videos at: http://www.youtube.com/FasTracKids. I was quite impressed!

c) Kid Power Academy: (www.kidpoweracademy.com (UK) is a company that helps your child to conquer shyness and become a master communicator.

Karin Schroeck-Singh is the blogcaster (blogger and podcaster) of the “Manners And Career Blogcast”, at http://blog.mannersandcareer.com, a website for smart professionals who want to get free high-quality advice on etiquette and career- related topics. She is an MBA Postgraduate from the University of Leicester (UK) with 15 years of work experience in Italy and the United Kingdom in sectors such as: Recruitment, Office Management, Market Research, Teaching & Training business subjects and soft skills (Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business and Business Etiquette). She loves helping individuals and businesses gain a competitive edge by strengthening their professionalism, image and productivity.

Karin is the author of the following five books:

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  1. Kidpoweracademy says:

    Thank you for mentioning Kids Empowerment Academy! Our students have great fun leading others as they act as CEO’S, Inventors, News Anchors and more! We believe that leadership starts first with believing in ones ideas, and then having the self-confidence to express them to others. It is imperative that kids develop these skills when they are young so that they can have successful lives!

    Ester Du Von
    Program Director

  2. Great post! Thank you, this was very helpful. I am part of a Toastmasters chapter in Newport Beach CA, and I will be giving a presentation to 5th and 6th grade girls on how to put a presentation together. I was looking for ways to spice up my presentation and I found your post. I think that my presenting to kids will help me be a better presenter to adults–for it will force me to simplify my concepts.


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