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We are so excited to share with you many of the fabulous reviews that “The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids” has received!

If you have a kid that has that go get ‘em, creative mind who is always coming up with ways to make a few bucks, this book is for you!!It has some great resources for the kids and parents along with profiles of many entrepreneurial kids who are following their dreams.These crafty, insightful, creative, motivatedand smart kids have started their own business on a wish and a prayer, necessity or just for fun!
~Kim Hix (Mom of Zack Hix a.k.a Good Boy Roy)

What fun it was reading about all the young entrepreneurs in The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids. Their stories and accomplishments are sure to inspire you. In addition to highlighting so many creative kids, this book offers sound advice and provides information for parents and aspiring entrepreneurs but also for those who have already taken the leap into business. The Questions for Reflection at the end of each chapter give the reader something to ponder as they move forward with their ideas, plans, or vision. Whatever stage you are at with your entrepreneurial ideas, this book has something for everyone including an extensive resource list of companies and organizations to help you get started or to take your business to the next level.~Nancy O’Neill, The Common Sense Consultant, www.onedotenterprises.com 

The Parents Guide to Raising CEO kids was an encouraging, informative and exceptional resource that all parents should read to benefit their child’s financial and independent future. I loved reading about what other children have done to prosper their own businesses. Truly inspirational!
~Brandi Thompson, RD & LD, www.abcdeatright.com

There are thousands of books that claim to make you rich or show you how other people have done it. But you know what? It does not work like that! If somebody has succeeded via one method, then its done. Unless the niche is completely different, chances are it will not work again.This book is an excellent example of how many different methods there are. It is not magic or science, there is no trick or formula. Every person in this book has different experiences, used different methods and have different advice to give. However I think everybody would agree when I say that no matter who you listen to, no matter what method you do… there is nothing magic to it, just pure hard work.Having said that, this book proves that anyone can do it. It is also (probably primarily, though I preferred reading what the young entrepreneurs had to say) a great way to see how you should treat kids that want to go further than the others. Read this book. It truly is a book worth reading at any age!
~ Shane Hudson, http://shanehudson.net/

“Imagine what the world would be like if each person had the opportunity to develop their gifts and turn their gifts and passion into profit.” This quote from The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids sets the foundation for what the book will build upon. I do not have children, but this idea hit home for me as a Christian because God gives us our talents and abilities, and it is by using them in our career that we feel fulfilled and happy with our “work.” Authors Jerry and Sarah Cook did more than just write about their feelings on the subject, they performed research and gathered data to back up their beliefs. If only every writer would do that! They included statistics that were staggering, indicating that an adult will work at least 83,200 hours between the ages of 25 and 65. Can you imagine spending that many hours doing something you didn’t love? Yuck! I like how the authors made the information so easy to read and digest. The book was formatted very well and followed a logical approach that was easy to follow. They included headlines of benefits, such as Benefit #3: Hobbies and Talents Can be Turned Into Profitable Ventures, and Benefit #5: Working Toward a Goal Strengthens the Relationship Between Parent and CEO Kid. This is a great book for parents to help them inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in their children. It’s also a good book for adults who want to work in their areas of passion. ~ Lori M. for Readers Favorite Book Reviews 

WOW! A book highlighting kids who are truly making a difference…it is bound to be a best seller. Our future is dependent on the youth…and with these kids, we are in good hands!
~Barbilee Hemmings
of Hey You Get Real

The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids is awesome! Jerry & Sarah Cook did an amazing job! Both are parents who have done an amazing job not only raising their children, but raising them in the right way! to be an entrepreneur!This book covers the mindset your kids will need to cultivate in order to be a successful CEO and it also shares stories from other successful “CEO Kids” that will inspire you. I highly recommend picking it up and reading it!~ David B. King, http://davidbeking.com/

The Raising CEO Kids book has been a great source of support and insight regarding our child’s entrepreneurial endeavors. I am impressed by the Authors respect for children’s abilities and intelligence, as well as the complexities of keeping life in balance. This is not only enjoyable reading material but an invaluable resource! ~Dr. Myers, ATI Wellness 

The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids is a terrific book that couldn’t have been published at a better time! Uncertain how/when this economy will turn around, its important to start now educating the next generation about this powerful word we call “entrepreneurship” and that it is always an option. This book highlight’s many talented individuals who’ve put their thoughts and ideas into action and are making a big difference and big dividends. The steps in this book will not only guide you in the right direction but it will also inspire you to take action.~ Keith J Davis, Jr. http://keithjdavisjr.com/

 Jerry and Sarah did an amazing job profiling fascinating and successful young entrepreneurs. There are great stories with tons of lessons to be learned!
~Benjamin Lang
, Epic Launch and My School Help

This book is an inspiring collection of accomplishments by some amazing young people. My children have enjoyed reading it as have I. We’ve been amazed by some of the things these young people have accomplished. It has given my kids entrepreneurial ideas as well. Well done Sarah and Jerry Cook! ~BD

Not only is this book insightful and filled with very useful tools to help encourage and direct your child, it is also filled with many examples of OTHER kids who have become successful entrepreneurs.I encourage anyone out there who is looking for direction to purchase this book! ~Tamie Gonzalez, Mom of Asysa the Founder of Stinky Feet Gurlz 

Raising CEO Kids is fantastic resource for kids and adults alike. Not only are there suggestions and advice on how to run a thriving business, the book also talks about balance and burn-out. Through interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and their parents, Dr.Jerry Cook and Sarah Cook have created a community of support for the young business person. Thank you both for sharing your excellent work in this compact and complete book.~ Hayleigh Scott, Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms 

If your son or daughter has what I like to call the “entrepreneurial bug” then this book is a must-read for them and for you.Jerry and Sarah Cook took a lot of their time learning about what makes entrepreneur’s successful and have done an amazing job with interviewing these kids to find out what makes them become successful.I personally am someone who has benefited tremendously from reading and learning from other people’s experiences and find that if you can find someone who has done what you want to do, you can emulate them and also become successful. This book has done an excellent job of finding kids who are successful and the questions that these kids were asked really got to the root of where success comes from.If you want to save your child a lot of time (and learn about how you can help as a parent) then this book is definitely worth getting. You will not only save a lot of money in the long run by learning from others mistakes, but you will save a lot of time as well.~ Chris Hughes, Brain Smart Success

The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids by Dr. Jerry & Sarah Cook is a handbook of sorts for parents and even their own children. The book aims to discover the characteristics of over 200 young entrepreneurs and compile a comprehensive overview of what they’ve done to become successful, from their upbringing, to their own doing. The book is all about embracing your child’s dream of entrepreneurship. Within this dream exists practical life skills, financial independence, and an immense amount of personal satisfaction and accomplishment for both parents and their children.What I found to be most valuable in this book is the systematic breakdown by which it’s organized. You can easily turn to the chapter that is most relevant to your immediate needs, whether that be how to initially set out with a vision, or the specifics of managing finances as a young entrepreneur or supportive parent.A guide like this is essential to navigate the often unpredictable and volatile environment of starting your own business at a young age. And for parents this book provides a much broader insight into the means by which you can best support your young entrepreneur throughout all of their endeavors.Everyone has a call to contribute to our world, for many, their gifts, talents, and expertise can be used in a manner that not only changes their lives, but changes the lives of everyone around them. This is what entrepreneurship does for our lives, our country, and our world.By beginning to teach kids at a young age the value of earning their own money, the importance of financial literacy, and the significance off every idea, we can begin to change the status quo, motivating and mobilizing more and more young people to take ownership of their dreams, vision, and goals for the future.I highly recommend The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids!~Michael Costigan, Speaking of Michael 

CEO Kids is an absolute must read for kids and their parents. Teaching kids how to become their own person, individual, unique and armed with entrepreneur strategies is vital to their future success. Kids are trained to be good little doers and find a job, to live someone else vision in school. CEO Kids teaches kids how to make money, respect money and use their own potential , visions and abilities to create money and wealth on their own. My daughter, didn’t just set up a lemonade stand, she hired other kids to run it for her while she counts the money. Rather than wonder who she will work for in her life, she thinks “what can I own and who can work for me.”Thanks to both Mr. and Mrs. Cook this book is excellent.~Coach Carl, Every Child Healthy

 As a mom to 7 young entrepreneurs, “The Parents Guide to Raising CEO Kids” is an incredible resource! The CEO kids interviewed are truly inspiring! The Cooks encouraged me to continue to support the dreams of my children and provide the tools they need to implement their business ideas.I love providing tools not always just toys so they can invent, create and build.Read this book and encourage your kids to start their own business!What are your kids passionate about and how can they turn that into a business to serve others and make a profit?How can they impact the world at a young age?They CAN make a difference TODAY!This book will give you the ideas and tools you need to help your children succeed!!~Scarlett Von Gunten, CEO of iWoman Magazine and Mom to 7 amazing young entrepreneurs

Jerry and Sarah Cook interviewed over 150 young entrepreneurs to find out what they had in common. In their book The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids, they explain the four common “pillars” or building blocks that every one of them possessed. They also discovered characteristics these youth shared that can be learned and taught by all parents to help their children thrive.Sarah and Jerry focus on how to help youth develop business and money “sense,” as well as showing adults how to empower and mentor children with the understanding that the potential and capabilities of today’s youth are limitless. The Cooks believe that as a society we’re doing a poor job of preparing the next generation for employment. But they’ve got lots of ideas about how to change that.They begin by describing some of the many benefits of being a CEO Kid:

Benefits of Being a CEO Kid

  • Active and meaningful employment reduces the risk of dangerous and self-defeating activities
  • Purposeful activities increase the likelihood of youth making healthy choices now and in the future.
  • Hobbies and talents can be turned into profitable ventures.
  • Building a business strengthens interpersonal skills and community relationships.
  • Worki ng toward a goal strengthens the relationship between parent and CEO Kid.
  • A business provides a practical framework for teaching CEO Kids about financial literacy and behavior accountancy.
  • CEO Kids experience the benefits of being their own boss.
  • Business experiences create options and choices.
  • Entrepreneurs provide jobs and resources for their community and the world.

They explain the four pillars that adults need to instill in children: vision, action, attitude, and outcome. Youth crave a sense of purpose and reason behind what they are doing and with vision and purpose there is motivation to do the work. The Cooks stress the importance of parents teaching their children how to work and to enjoy work at an early age to help foster the beginnings of a CEO Kid.

Today’s young people have so much imagination and creativity, which are key pieces in the success of a business start-up. But because they’ve had less life experience it’s important for parents to help in dealing with disappointments that will inevitably happen. Parents can help console and encourage their kids to keep going, put things in perspective, and feel good about themselves when they face setbacks such as financial hardships, fear and doubt, burn out, and not enough time for their friends.

The chapter on how to get started includes a long list of activities Sarah delegated to her three children as they got older to teach them a sense of responsibility and teamwork. She also includes a fabulous Getting Started guide.

The book is filled with advice and quotes from the young entrepreneurs and their parents about the successes and challenges they faced. There are many inspiring stories of children who have donated their profits to charities. The book ends with photos, profiles, and links for the CEO Kids they interviewed as well as an excellent list of resources. ~Donne Davis, GaGa Sisterhood

Wonderfully inspiring book full of the most incredible entrepreneurial kids EVER! I am so grateful to you for show casing in your book how creative and focused our kids can be when it comes to creating their own lucrative businesses. These kids are WAY ahead of the rest, financially, and are a terrific role model for other kids and teens.This book is a MUST HAVE for every family out there!
~Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast, 5
0 Money Making Ideas for Kids and Teens

If one of your children wants to be, or is currently the boss of their own business, then this book is made for them. The Parent’s Guide to CEO Kids contains a bunch of helpful information about what to do and how to go about doing it. It also contains a nice sized section in the back that has stories about real life CEO Kids and what they do in their own businesses. The Parent’s Guide to CEO Kids has truly been a great book as it shows our future leaders how to start their own businesses. One of the best books that I have ever picked up in my 13 year lifetime, starting at age 5! (I have read over 3,000 books in that time span).~ Caleb Kimball, Teen Entrepreneur

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