After months of interviewing, writing, and editing, The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids is finally here. Jerry and I are so excited to share with you two years worth of research and over 150 personal interviews with families and CEO Kid entrepreneurs to discover the systems and strategies that helped them succeed!  When our oldest child wanted to go into business, we needed to know how to support his endeavors and how to manage as parents as he succeeded. This is our gift to you, the findings of our journey to help our family and others raise CEO kids.

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“Jerry and Sarah Cook have created an invaluable resource for all parents who seek to help their children develop emotional and financial resilience. The Cooks researched and provided systems and structures for their children to succeed in business. Their expertise combined with insights from over two hundred interviews with young entrepreneurs and their families is not only delightful to read, but is so encouraging to hear how families are working together to make a better tomorrow. “The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids” is perfect for training the next generation of entrepreneurs.
~Melinda F. Emerson, The Small Biz Lady and author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months
“The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids” gives parents guidance and kids the tools to succeed. As parents we need to empower our kids by giving them support and encouragement. How do you do that if you have never run a business yourself? Even if you do, modeling the behavior is not enough to give them the confidence they need. Supporting our children’s vision, mapping a plan of action, understanding their attitude and commitment and instilling the confidence they need to have their desired outcome is what this book is all about. The stories of the CEO kids interviewed within will make you shake your head in amazement and applaud their ingenuity. Give your kids the first steps to climb that ladder of their own success and empower yourselves as parents to confidently support their dreams.
~Dori DeCarlo, founder of S1 Safety First, LLC & host of Word of Mom radio show
The authors of “The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids” masterfully weave parenting, life, business, and financial principles and skills into a practical, actionable handbook. By interviewing successful CEO kids and their parents, this deeply-researched read is essential for any parent who wants to fully prepare their children to thrive in our ever-changing, global economy. But this book isn’t just for parents. I predict a lot of entrepreneurial kids will read and then train their parents on the concepts in this book, and these kids will be inspired by the advice and success stories so well presented.
~Ken Kaufman, founder & CEO of CFOwise® & the author of Impact Your Business