12 Opportunities for Kids to Gain Hands-On Business Skills

What are some opportunities or organizations out there to help kids gain real-world entrepreneurial skills that parents should look into? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship […]

Best Practices for Hiring Your Own Child as Summer Help

As summer swiftly approaches, you may be thinking of ways to keep your child busy during the three month break. If you own a business, you may consider allowing him or her to work part-time there. But it’s not as simple as just giving your kid a time card and putting their names on the […]

What Does It Mean to be Career Ready?

By Brad Hoffman, CEO and Founder My Learning Springboard, Inc. The Career Readiness Partner Council released a four-page statement outlining its definition of what it means to be ready for good jobs in today’s economy. This council is comprised of business and education groups, including The Council of Chief State School Officers, the National Association of State Boards of […]

Is Mathematical Learning Hampered By Calculators?

Written by Aleeza Lubin, Director My Learning Springboard Technology is a funny thing. We marvel at what computers allow us to accomplish. We praise things like social media for the way it promotes connections and increased learning. But where does technology hamper us?  Have you ever wished you could turn back the technological clock?  A school […]

Let Your Elementary School Child Be The Teacher… Really?

Written by Jean Snyder, Math and Literacy Specialist My Learning Springboard OK…as a parent, teacher, coach, or tutor….it is our job to teach, right? Well, yes, but not always. One of the most powerful teaching tools we have is giving our students the “job” of teaching us. There are several specific reasons for this: First, often the […]

Got Organizational Skills? College Readiness for the Fall Semester.

By Micah Timen, CPA and Finance Enrichment Teacher My Learning Springboard As a math, accounting, and personal finance tutor, it was a natural fit for me to teach organizational and study skills to high school students. These skills are especially important for recent high school graduates who are beginning their transition from home-based life to self sufficiency at […]

How To Make The Most of Internships

By Brad Hoffman, CEO and Founder My Learning Springboard, Inc. For the past five years, I’ve been working in Human Resources for a Fortune 500 media company focused on Talent Development and Strategic Recruitment.  One of our most important programs, the summer internship program, kicks off tomorrow.  From beginning to end, the summer internship program […]

How to Have a Successful Summer Internship

Beginning in late May, the subways fill with college students who have flocked to New York City for summer internships. Anyone traveling to midtown on a weekday morning can easily see the influx of eager college students and MBAs headed to their publishing houses, law firms, accounting companies, and media offices. And on a summer […]

How to Teach the Value of Savings to Children

Teaching financial concepts to children is best done in alignment with their learning style. For a few years now, we had only been using a spreadsheet to show my youngest son how to track his money into the categories of: Sharing, Investing, Saving and Spending (SISS). The problem was it wasn’t really working. He would […]


Leadership has been and always will be the most valuable asset on earth. Without it, no amount of money, resources or talent will ever achieve sustainable success for any organization. But with it, all other odds and obstacles can be overcome. Leadership is what moves us from point A to point B; leadership is what […]