For Business Owners: Top 5 Tips for Staying Healthy and Productive!

Top 5 Tips for Staying Healthy and Productive

1. Work and Workout – I hooked my laptop up to my treadmill and walk several hours a day. Here is a video of the setup:
2. Delegate Dinner – To make sure that we all ate nutritious and and on time each day, I delegate preparation to my 12 yo daughter who loves to cook. It saves me time, keeps the whole family healthy and brings her joy! It also ensure that we see each other every day at 5 PM. We guard our dinner time so that we stay strong as a family.
3. Power Smoothies – One meal a day is a Power Smoothie packed with protein, greens, vitamins and minerals so that I make sure I get the nutrients I need to thrive each day.
4. Dark and Early – I have 3 children, two that are home-schooled that have started businesses which brings more work for me. I also help run our youth ministry program at our church and have two businesses that I am growing personally. LIFE IS BUSY! I get up when it’s DARK and EARLY to ensure that I get quiet time to fuel my mind with a great book or a powerful CD, focus on my plan of action for the day and knock out things like the laundry that can pile up in a family of five.
5. Prevent, Protect, and PLAY – Seven years ago my husband nearly died and in trying to do everything in life and in business while saving his life, I got extremely sick as well. Now we focus on protection and prevention in our family. We eat many organic foods and have gone wheat free as well as peanut and corn free. We wear plenty of sun protection and make sure to stay hydrated. We also make sure to take time out to PLAY! Everyone needs a break once in awhile. It helps to clear your mind which actually makes you more productive in the long run!

** This is my little guy, Jumpin’ Jack Jon playing Nerf Gun Wars with me! We were battling the walls! It was super fun!


  1. Could you share the recipe(s) for your Power Smoothies?

  2. I like your #2!  Delegate!  One great way to get your kids to eat healthier is by taking them to the grocery store with you and have them help you pick out the food.  Healthy food that is.  What a great way to teach them what certain foods are and how they benefit the body.

    • @kids_exercise:disqus absolutely! Having kids help pick out healthy food at the store and then prepare it engages & enrolls them in healthy living! #ParentingTip


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