Entrepreneurs: Protecting the Heart, Having Fun and Taking Time Out

Over the last few days, I asked several people, “Why is it important for entrepreneurs to protect their heart, have fun and take time out?”

Here are their answers along with a video from me and a few other articles to read similar to the topic:

Austin Evers the creator of Shuzzle and the host of today’s giveaway: It’s so important to protect your heart! When I first started my business there were certainly people who said: “You’re only 15, you can’t own a business,” or “Your business concept isn’t that great.” Despite all that, I still did what I wanted, something which I believe is extremely important when you start your own business (even more so when you begin a business venture at a young age). When I started sharing my game idea with people they said that it was too simple and wouldn’t do well compared to all the apps already on the App Store. I received random emails and tweets from people whom I had never met sharing their negative opinions with me regarding my product–it definitely wasn’t easy to handle, but knowing how great the possible reward was and how passionate I am about business, I simply had to ignore those things and move past them into what I wanted to accomplish.

To overcome all the negativity, you must simply keep your head held high and persevere, regardless of the scenario. Even in serious times, I still made sure I had fun with what I was doing. Instead of responding to those that disagreed with me in a hateful or demeaning manner, I chose to “kill them with kindness”. I showed them that I believe so deeply in what I am doing, that I will continue in it no matter what they say.

It is particularly easy for me to keep the fun in my work, because I get to make games and other software that is simply undeniably fun to use. If you take it seriously all the time you will just run yourself down and in turn, loose your passion for starting or running a business. Having fun correlates with “taking time out” really well. It is important to separate yourself from what you are doing before you come too immersed in it and lose sight of all the other things that life has to offer. I think there are two reasons for making sure that you take time out:

  1. It will allow you to step out of your vantage point and assess what you are doing on a broader level, rather than one that is focused pm achieving something specific
  2. If you take it seriously all the time and don’t allow yourself to “take time out”, there will come a point that inevitably you will lose direction of where you are going and where you want to be.

What others had to say:

For an entrepreneur to have true success it begins @ HOME! If the home isn’t taken care of the business will not flourish to the level of desire. It is a must to spend proper time with those you care most about. Balance is the key and setting time to take time out & have fun will in the end protect the heart at the core!  Eric Dye founder of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network

It is essential because it is part of His design. We are to not only enjoy what we do as a business which is the meaning of a true entrepreneur but to also take time to enjoy our time with family & friends which is primarily why many become entrepreneurs. No one wants to be stressed.  Taking a time out is not only advised but essential to ultimate success in our business and our lives in general and let’s not forget to be grateful for such opportunities. 😉  – Dr. Daisy Sutherland

If you don’t take time out, then the rest of your life and your business will eventually suffer. And I needed a reminder of this today too, so thank you 🙂  –  Kelly Partyke

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  1. Wow! What a great bunch of kids. I am so impressed with them. Similarly, I think a positive attitude and focus is so incredibly important to staying alive in this business. Thanks again for writing.

  2. The article was wll written and kudos to this young busissman. I plant seeds of inspiration in my son’s mind about doing what he’s passionate about all the time. I will share this story with him as another confirmation that his age is not a hinderance to what he and his creative mind can accomplish. Thanks and best to you.


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