Spotlight on CEO Kid and Author Justin Crouch

Sarah:  Please tell me how you got started (your STORY) and where CEO Kids and parents can find
out more info about you. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, website).

Justin: I wrote a book about “Why I Love Mommies” because my mom is special. I spent the summer with my grandmother and just decided I really wanted to write the book so I did it and asked my mom if she would publish it through her publishing company because I wanted to sell it. My brother and I now have a company that sells t-shirts and other stuff. People can learn about me on Facebook and at

Sarah:  That is really cool Justin!  Everyone should remember show love to their mom!  When did you start thinking about starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur and why did you want to start?

Justin: When we were young about 4 and 8. We really wanted to start selling books, T-shirts and making money.

Sarah:  What do you think are the most important skills you have that help you in business?

Justin: Good writing and the ability to talk to people. Also thinking of good ideas.

Sarah: What were the biggest obstacles, problems you had in getting started in business?

Justin: Scheduling time to run our business. We have lots of homework from school and we do lots of sports.

Sarah:  What kind of expenses or start-up costs did you have when you started your business and where did you find the money or capital to start?

Justin: Money for an illustrator for books and to make T-shirts. Our mom and dad loaned us $500.

Sarah:  What have been the best surprises that you found in starting your business?

Justin: How much we enjoy talking to other people and telling them about what we do.

Sarah:  Do you do EVERYTHING by yourself or do you have people on your team that work with you? If so – how did you find people to help you along the way?

Justin: Our parents and cousins help out. We usually tell people what we need and they will help.

Sarah:  What ideas and approaches do you use to market your business and what do you find works best for you in getting the word out about who you are and what you are doing?

Justin: Telling other people. We do shows sometimes. We also write a blog.

Sarah:  What is the best advice or tips you would like to share with young entrepreneurs?

Justin:  Follow your dreams and never give up. Never have fear because you are always a champion.


  1. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  2. Wonderful article on Justin Crouch! People young and young at heart should be inspired by his talent, his ability to articulate what he’s thinking and feeling, and his success at the age of 8 years old! This is how legacies are created!

  3. Hey now! This is MY famous cousin!

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