Spotlight on 3 CEO Kids – The Williams Sisters of Drive Safe Signs

DNot every CEO Kid that I interviewed was in “business” for the money.  Some of them have been passionate about helping others and making a difference.  Making a difference in safe driving is exactly what the Williams sisters are all about! Sarah: How did you get started and where can people find you on the […]

Spotlight on CEO Kid Jordan Puchinger of Silver Jax

In this interview you will see how a crazy car accident ended up launching a teenager to CEO status.  Sometimes the hardest things in our lives become catalysts for us to find our greatest strengths. Sarah:  Jordan tells us your entrepreneur story. How did you get started in business and where can people find you […]

Spotlight on CEO Kid Perry Chen of Perry’s Previews

The interview I did with Perry Chen and his mom Zhu was probably one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. Perry has a spontaneous sense of humor!  You will see what I mean when you listen to the interview! 😉 ** Be sure to scroll down and leave a comment! Perry started […]

Thirty Days of Gratitude

I believe that one of the most powerful things I have done to grow my businesses and create peace in my life is to be grateful. I was inspired by a good friend of mine, Shauntell Ottley to post things I am grateful for online for everyone to see. Each day this month, I will […]

Lisa Wells on Raising CEO Kids

Lisa Wells is one of my favorite mompreneurs to follow!  She is a super smart in business and is teaching her kids to be the same!  In this interview she shares insight on raising her son Brett to be a CEO Kid.  I know you will enjoy it! Sarah:   When did you notice that […]

Why Worry About Nutrition for your CEO Kid?

As parents there are a million things to worry about. There are every day exposures, expectations and goals and long term anxieties, hopes and dreams. In the day to day grind sometimes the basics like what to eat and daily exercise lose out to school work, schedules and time constraints. According to an article in […]

The Pink Bat Thinking

I just saw this video and fell in love with it! Michael McMillan teaches us to turn problems into solutions! To do this we must adjust our perception and be open to the real possibilities! As I watched this video, I thought of all the ways I could start focusing on solutions! I also thought […]

Choose TODAY to Encourage Kids to Follow Their Passions!

It is true that there needs to be changes made in our global education system.  I believe that as parents we don’t need to WAIT for those changes to occur!  We can CHOOSE TODAY to start those changes in our own home.  We can give life to our children’s dreams!  We can see them for […]

Take It To the Bank Tuesday – You Could Be a VA

As I was thinking about what type of business to spotlight this week, I kept thinking about how tech-savvy kids are these days and how my own kids do more and more for me in my businesses each week.  If your CEO Kid is tech-savvy or likes administrative work and prefers to work behind the […]

Home & Office Organization for YOU & Your Kids in Business

So many people ask me, “How do you get it all done?” The truth is – I don’t get it all done! I strive to get the most important things done. I delegate like crazy and the rest goes unfinished. In this video I share with you tips that help me stay organized and accomplish […]